Movie : Untraceable

Starring : Diane Lane,Billy Burke,Colin Hanks,Joseph Cross,Mary Beth Hurt,Peter Lewis
Genre : Crime | Drama
Quality : DVDRip

Gregory Hoblit is a man of considerable talents, and few will dispute this; even last year's Fracture, flaws and all, was an intelligent, well-meaning thriller. The trailer for his new film, Untraceable, did not suggest the makings of a good film in any sense, yet with Hoblit at the helm, one could pray for more. As it turns out, Untraceable is as smart as a glass of water, and half as useful.

For those able to accept the incongruent use of technology, parts of the film may be tolerable, yet for anyone even mildly schooled in the use of computers, in a picture where government computers are not even equipped with popup blockers, you will be left laughing, incredibly frustrated, or a bit of both. The lunacy does not stop there. Through and through, the script makes passive-aggressive attacks at cyber criminals; early on, those among us who illegally download MP3s are rapped on the knuckles, in a scene that makes a preposterous, misguided commentary, and is so simplistic in its technological explanation that it will likely insult most cinemagoers. The eye-rolling family interludes begin to suffocate the picture little more than ten minutes in, and you don't have to have seen the trailer to know that this strand will return later.

I already had ideas in my mind about where the plot was going, and who the killer would be, and I wanted to edge closer to those answers, yet we are shown our protagonist, FBI Agent Jennifer Marsh (Diane Lane), taking her child to school, and the ubiquity of technology in her life is made abundantly clear. Soon enough, the FBI flag a website called "", and a local cat is the first poor victim of the serial killer's "terrifying" rampage. Soon enough, the psychopath kidnaps a human and begins torturing them live over the internet (via webcam). The twist? The more that the public log on, the quicker the person is killed, and people are logging on at an exponential rate. Our (at this point) faceless killer rinses and repeats this several times, whilst the FBI attempts to track our clever villain down. The film is at least smart enough to posture the idea that the website is simply a "snuff film", rather than diving in with all guns blazing from the outset, but it serves as little more than an aside, and had this been the big film's "twist", Untraceable may have been a satisfying film, providing a satisfying commentary, when it instead provides the opposite on both counts. Our ridiculously versatile killer soon bans all non-US.

Subtitle Indonesia

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